Palatal Expanders Are Your Gateway To A Straighter Smile

The palatal expander is a discreet and highly effective device that plays a pivotal role in correcting various dental issues. At Green Valley Orthodontics in Putnam, CT, we proudly offer palatal extenders as part of individual treatment plans.

What are palatal expanders?

Palatal expanders, rapid palatal expanders, or orthodontic expanders are dental appliances designed to widen the upper jaw's palate. They consist of two halves connected by a screw mechanism that can be adjusted over time. When activated, palatal expanders gently push against the bones in the palate, gradually creating more space in the upper jaw.

How are palatal expanders used in orthodontics?

  • Treatment of Crossbites: Palatal expanders are commonly used to address crossbites, where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth when biting down.
  • Correction of Crowding: In cases of dental crowding, palatal expanders create the necessary space for permanent teeth to erupt naturally.
  • Improved Breathing and Speech: Palatal expanders can also aid in improving breathing and speech difficulties caused by a narrow palate by opening up the airway and making it easier to breathe and speak clearly.
  • Enhanced Facial Symmetry: Correcting palate issues can improve facial symmetry and harmonize facial features.

What are the benefits of palatal expanders?

Palatal expanders are a non-surgical solution to various orthodontic problems, making them a less invasive option than other treatments. By creating space for teeth to align naturally, palatal expanders often eliminate the need for tooth extractions, preserving a patient's natural dentition.

Correcting palate issues can lead to better chewing and swallowing, improving oral function. An adequately aligned upper jaw contributes to a more attractive smile and facial appearance. Widening the palate can alleviate breathing difficulties associated with a narrow airway, improving the quality of life for patients.

If you or your child are facing orthodontic challenges, call us today to discuss the potential benefits of palatal expanders. Begin your journey to a confident and aligned smile with this incredible orthodontic tool.

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  • Make room for crowded teeth
  • Prevent the development of more serious issues
  • Improve your speech function
  • Create a more balanced facial structure
  • Show the world a healthy smile!